Many people think that bodyguards learn how to fight only. The fact is that bodyguards learn so many skills before they graduate and get the certification. There are a lot of things involved in a bodyguard’s job. Therefore a right bodyguard should possess all the relevant skills required on the line of duty. A bodyguard should have proper communication skills, first aid skills, conflict management, and many more. Hiring a bodyguard who does not possess the essential skills is among the worst mistake that a client can make. In this article, we have researched the top crucial skills taught in bodyguard training schools. Those skills include;

Conflict management

Conflict management is among the skills that most of the bodyguard school teaches to the bodyguards. That is because conflict management skills will help in de-escalating dangerous situations that can lead to injuries or war. You can find more details on protection training on the site

Unarmed combat

Since sometimes war may break when no one has weapons around, the bodyguard learns the unarmed combat skills to help them save their clients from such instances. Unarmed combat involves fighting techniques such as martial arts, Jiu jitsu, and many more than can help in disarming the attackers.

First aid

Most of the bodyguards learn first aid skills. Remember, since the work of bodyguard involves protecting the client, sometimes the attacks might be severe and lead to some injuries. In such a situation, the bodyguard will be able to provide first aid to the injured people.

Crowd control

Most of the people who hire bodyguards interact with members of the public a lot. For instance, a politician will require a bodyguard with crowd control skills. Crowd control skills help the bodyguard to ensure the client remains safe even when he/she is in the middle of the crowd.

Some of the other essentialskills that bodyguard leans in a bodyguard training school include; professional escorting, risk assessment, tactical driving, and firearms tactics. Having all the above-discussed skills as a bodyguard, you are fit for your job.