There are many distinct characteristics of a coffee that you can use for judging. Most of the time, it also depends on preferences but it all comes to three bases. The best espresso must be the best in three factors – taste, smell, and texture. Of course, there are other factors like temperature but these factors can be added too depending on the preference of the person. It will be up to you but read on to know more about these three main factors.

What Should The Best One Be Like?

Taste – the taste should be consistent for the cup of espresso. The flavor of coffee should dominate your taste buds as an espresso machine give more coffee content than other popular methods such as drip coffee and pressed coffee. Due to higher pressure, you should taste the coffee right off the bat. Without any sugar, it should be bitter but with the sweetness of the natural coffee. It may sound contradictory but if you have taste a good one, you will get the point. Due to its capability to produce coffee without much water, there will be a consistent taste. Learn more about best espresso on

Smell – the smell of the Best Espresso can be varying depending on the coffee grounds you have used. But, it should be between light or nutty. It should not smell sour as the best espresso should never be acidic. You should avoid this in your coffee.

Texture – the texture should be consistently semi-light between semi-thick depending on the number of coffee grounds you want to have in your espresso.

Try Different Coffee Recipes

You should try different recipes and coffee grounds to get a good grasp on the taste of different coffees. You can be familiar with each flavor to accurately and precisely judge the best content of the best espresso. Soon, you can make a cup of espresso that is best in taste, smell, and consistency.