If you want to have restful moments for your eyes that would help out a lot in terms of reducing the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes and making sure that they are going to look soft and will be as supple and as smooth as you want them to be then you might as well know what are included in the set so that you will be able to prepare yourself when you get them and make sure that you get them completely. Here are the contents that you can get a good look at. Get more Interesting details about skin care products on xtclocal.com.

Eye cream

One of the things that you can expect the set to have would be the eye cream that would help out in making sure that the areas around your eyes would feel very soft and supple so that you can reduce the appearance of the wrinkles that tends to be around the eye area. This is surely going to make you feel like things are going to be a whole lot better for you in the process. You want to make sure that your set would have this because it is going to be able to help you out a lot and this is the main thing in this set as well.

Lash & brow gel

The next thing is the lash and brow gel that will help you to nourish both your brows and your lashes so that you can get a brighter look. Surely, this is something that you are going to enjoy using for your own benefit so that you would really be able to enjoy everything in your life with a smile.


Last but not the least you also get a tweezer that you can use to shape your brows better and all that so you can make sure that you take complete care of your eyes.