As people all know that in Chicago, there is a source of eye surgeries since 1991 that is none other than Kraff Eye Institute. The most familiar eye surgery is laser vision correction, refractive surgeries. First of all, what is laser vision correction? This surgery will help to restore the natural vision, diminishes upon the glasses, by using the cool ray of light the contact lenses will be placed.

These operations will gently sculpt the façade of the eye (cornea). Kraff institute is the legend and expert of all these surgeries with highly technological equipment and instruments.

Do you know how long they have been doing surgeries?

There are so many pioneers for laser vision correction and refractive surgeries in Kraff Eye Institute. Since 1991 in Chicago this institute has started its first successful step to service for the people. The doctors from this institute offer the knowledge to the patients about the surgeries and the consequences after the surgeries.

They have participated in the clinical trials of FDA for the new technology of Laser vision. Since 1991, the experienced doctors of Kraff Eye Institute have done nearly 40,000 Lasik Eye Surgeries. The two main doctors in this session were Colman Kraff and Manus Kraff who were focused on a high level and risky surgeries. If you want to know more about kraff eye institute, you can find its details on

They have followed the new Lasik advanced technology called Custom Wavefront Lasik and IntraLase which helped them to get better quantity improvements in their institute. Moreover, they are some advantages of safety and accuracy after the surgeries.

People can refer to the Chicago Lasik advanced technology heading in their site to get some info. Generally, they will give some pre-consultation for the patients before going to the surgeries. As per the records, this institute has given the best results in Laser vision correction surgery so far. They also have the facility of PRK which stands for photorefractive keratectomy for the people.