Mixing and matching your athletic wear with your other casual clothes is a constant experiment. On many occasions, things end up stylish but it doesn’t happen all the time. If you have been trying the mix and match, you know the struggle, right?

If you are one of those few who are trying to mix and match your athletic wear, maybe these tips below might just help you nail them.

Balance is a must

One of the factors that you need to consider in the mix and match is balance.  You need to consider the clothing of each piece of clothing, accessories, and shoes. Your style mustn’t clash against each other. When choosing your attire for the day, you can lay all your clothes together. That way, it is easier to envision them together. Learn more about streetwear visit on sizeupapparel.com.

Pair Busy Prints and Plain Together

When pairing your athletic wear, you can go for the idea that if you have something loud, pair it with something simple. It goes the same with athletic wear as well. Most of the men’s athletic wear is often in darker and simpler designs.

Bomber Jackets for casual and formals

If you don’t really like dinner jackets on certain occasions, you can opt for bomber jackets. Some brands offer bomber jackets with a sporty look but with premium quality materials. It makes the bomber jacket looks expensive and formal. To wear a bomber jacket for your formal days, you can don a solid dark formal ensemble and pair it with a tri-color print bomber jacket from Zegna. But if you wish to wear them on casual days, grab your sweatpants and a white t-shirt, viola, your casual attire with the same jacket.

Athletic wear can be worn with your casual wear. However, you need to balance your clothing style. That way, you can still stand out but with a more aesthetic mix of casual and athletic wear that no one has ever done,