Mykonos is an island that observes many tourists every year, and getting to this place from Athens is easier and does not consume much time. The travelers who love the route and the destination opt for ferries instead of planes, and also, it is cheap.

The traveling time varies in the ferries as you may find some conventional ones and the modernized high-speedy ferries. Different companies operate these ferries and before you take any of them, read the expert opinion and the reviews of people to choose the best one.

Conventional types of ferries

These ferries have a large size and are generally a simple vessel with the occupancy for a large number of people. The traditional ferry is one of the ways to get from Athens to Mykonos and has a separate garage with proper baths and separate space for pets. You can find every facility, from bathing to eating, and all the other essential needs are available at the small tuck shops to make the travel experience better.

Ferries with high speed

The ferries with high speed are of small size, and the people who have a packed schedule can take this ferry to cover the route. This is advances and modern version of the ferry boats without any outdoor area. All the passengers have to stay inside. These boats do not have restaurants and all the facilities except the coffee shops. Learn more about tourist places in Athens at site

Before booking a seat on a plane or ferry to get to Mykonos from Athens, you can book it online or visit the port. Online reservation is better as you can book anytime you want to and choose the seat of choice. The advanced booking is convenient online through applications, and you will get discount coupons on applications.

You can choose the ferry you wish to take to reach the Mykonos. But before taking any of them, have complete knowledge of the facilities and schedule of each one of them, and then choose the one that matches your requirements.