The only way to keep the Coronavirus away from you is to regularly use sanitizer and wear proper N95 masks when stepping out from the house or when visiting some public place. But why do you think that N95 masks are the best one overall other masks that are available in the market? There are many reasons considering which the World Health Organization has suggested the use of N95 masks in their day to day life.

Reasons for using N95 masks

Here you can go through the main reasons why people are crazy to choose the N95 masks that can help you to survive this crucial corona time. You are curious to know more about N95 mask, browse this site.

Best layering to stop the virus

The mask has some good quality of layering using which one can keep the virus away from entering their body. The layers create a perfect filtration among the mask, and the mouth and nose stay covered from the mask. In simple words, the outer covering of the mask is designed in such a way that it can cover all your mouth, and hence you will be getting safety as the virus will not get any space to reach your mouth.

Are cheaper 

The best part about the N95 masks is that they are cheaper in price, and many people can afford these masks for their personal day to day use. However, the prices were gone up when there was a shortage of the mask, but it is back to normal by now.

Disposable in nature

The third reason why the WHO has prescribed it is because these masks are disposable in nature, and the user can dispose of this mask once they are done using it. Do keep in mind that these masks are one-time use, and you should not use them twice or thrice on repeating terms.