When someone uses the referral code to get the bonus, they are always so excited to get the money back. But the thing is, there are some things that they have to check before they can get the reward. So if you are someone who used the octopus energy referral code, then check these three things to know when you are going to get the money, You are curious to know more about green energy, head over to the website.

  1. Ensure the previous supplier made the switch as soon as possible as it can impact the delay of availing the money.
  2. Get the plan of the service. It is a very important thing, and without taking the service, the person will not get the amount in their account in any way.
  3. Just pay for the service when the first-month bill arrives. Once the payment is passed, the customer will get the money in their account.

How to check the money has been credited?

We have mentioned the steps that will ensure the customer check how they can see their reward. Go over them and get to know them.

  • Log in to the account first on the website of the octopus energy.
  • Go to the dashboard, and it will show the balance of the account. It will be showing the latest balance.
  • Now click on the option of balance history as it will show the transactions of the account.
  • The bonus amount will be credited, and it will be by the name of octopus energy.

If the amount is not yet credited, then it can be because the person you referred is still waiting for their previous supplier to cut the delay and make the switch. As soon as the friend makes the switch, the money will be credited, and you can easily enjoy it!