For those extreme thrill junkies they do have bungee jumping in Costa Rica you could try. This Costa Rica bungee in the video  is off the 265 ft. Old Colorado River Bridge. This was through Tropical Bungee right outside of San Jose. Very reasonably priced!

There are a few spots in Costa Rica that offer bungee and its just one of those spur of the moment things. Tropical Bungee is the provider that offers these thrill seeking adventures.
they are located in San Jose and also one in the Arenal Volcano area. They are located on some of the higher bridges and overlook running rivers.

Bungee jumping in Costa Rica is not the only thrill seeking sport in Costa Rica. This place is alive as it gets and people take on sky diving, spear fishing, zip lines and major jungle hikes. One thing is true, you go home with a different outlook on life after you visit!