Costa Rica Coffee   In the high parts of Costa Rica rainfall, sunshine and a great climate Coffee is abundant. Arguably Costa Rica has some of the best Coffee in the world. Mostly found in the cloud forest areas of Costa Rica you can tour Coffee farms. This of course includes tasting and purchasing some take home gifts you cant find at home.  The key is in the thin air of the cloud forest and how it creates a dense and desirable bean. Typically grown 3500 ft above sea level and often on the slopes of Volcanoes. These tours can really be a great way to start your morning!

If your looking for a easy and mild bean with a great tour try the Tres Rios location near the Pacific Coast. This region produces a mild and fruity version of the bean and is really a great coffee for anytime. We can add a Coffee tour to your trip of leave it optional so you can go when you feel like it. Commonly hotels can arrange for your transfer and set up your coffee tour.