Food in Costa Rica is excelent and unique and usually includes a few key ingreadents. Pico de gallo, black bean and white rice is found in almost every dish locals serve. You will find this with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast will usually include scrambeld eggs and local cheese, fresh fruit, black beans and white rice. Fresh orange juice is usally served as well. While on your Costa Rica Vacation you will usually have breakfast included at the hotel. So lunch and dinner you can hunt around for whatever sounds best for you.

Lunch and dinner will usually included some fish or meat.  Fried plantains are almost always served with lunch and dinner and they know how to make them! Fish is typiclay Mahi Mahi or other local catch of the day. Fresh fruit is abundant and can either come sliced or in a smoothy. Coffee is great in Costa Rica and can be searved with breakfast or dinner anytime. While your on a Costa Rica Vacation you will have diffrent resturants to choose from in popular towns. Just take a look at the menu and enjoy the options