costa rica cultureCosta Rica is very influence by Spanish Culture for the most part. Costa Ricans are actually overall very friendly and educated people. Immigration has been big over the last 20 years. So you will find a big mix along your Costa Rica Vacation. A mix of French, American, German and even Chinese can be found in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is rich in tradition including dancing and farm culture. In San Jose the main city you will find major companies like IBM and a very big city culture. In Costa Rica students of major colleges have the same degrees as American colleges. Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional and Universidad Latina de Costa Rica are the major universities.

Major Religion is of the Catholic faith in Costa Rica. However you will find Christianity, Rastafarianism, Costa Rica SurfingScientology and Jehovah’s Witnesses among other religions. Costa Rica’s people tend to work the weekdays and take it easy until the weekend. On the Weekend towns will be packed with locals and tourist alike. All having a good time dancing and drinking. Celebrations are big in Costa Rica and they have some national holidays they all partake in.