Escazu Costa Rica   The city of Escazu, located less than ten kilometers from the Capitol of San Jose, is home to some of the most luxurious neighborhoods, restaurants and amenities in the country. There are many luxurious clubs and a very good amount of North Americans live in this area. Escazu boast’s large, beautifully designed hillside residences with stunning views of the Capitol and surrounding mountains. If luxury real estate in the city is what your looking for then its a good idea to visit here while on vacation. Nighttime views from some of these properties are truly heavenly as they show off the city lights below and stars above. Top of the line international restaurants, country clubs, malls, gyms, golf, and luxury car dealerships are easily found here.

When staying in Escazu one can’t help but think it is truly the “Beverly Hills” of Costa Rica, without the price tag. Also be sure to visit the multi plaza Mall in Escazu for a great shopping experience.

escazu costa rica