Most people think for Salt water fishing in Costa Rica but really why not try Fresh water fishing! There are many spots to try this out with many lakes and streams. Unique species of bass are found in Costa Rica and something to scratch off your bucket list while your on a Costa Rica Vacation.

Tarpon: Mostly found on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica you can find these fish ascending into freshwater rivers. They can dwell in both saltwater and freshwater. This fish can get to about 5-8 feet long and up to 250 lbs. Tarpons are a large silver looking fish and typically a good catch and release, although some will eat.

Snook: Also found in river mouths on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Snook can be a fun fresh water catch in Costa Rica. Also a fish that can be found in Saltwater and fresh water. They are on the smaller side but can reach up to 50 pounds. Typically plastic jigs will hook you one of these fish. Local fish charters in the Caribbean can point out where you will find snook.

Rainbow Bass: Guapote, is the local name because of this beautifully colored striped bass. Best known to be found in Lake Arenal this is a unique bass species to catch. Bass boats in Lake Arenal Can take you out and troll around while you try and hook up on this. The view of the volcano is great while your on this peaceful lake.