The Lankester Botanical Gardens is in the Cartago region of Costa Rica, just outside the town of Cartago. Its well known in the orchid enthusiast scene. It also has an interesting beginning, Charles H. Lankester in the 1917 a British orchid expert created this beautiful orchid garden. After his death many efforts were made to preserve what he had started. In turn, and rightfully so the University of Costa Rica is now overseeing this garden. With so many species of plants you are bound to see many types of insects and bird while on your visit. Many researchers around the world make this a regular stop on their trip to Costa Rica. But even if your not an expert the Lankester Botanical Gardens is a great way to see the unique species of plants without hiking though a jungle.

You can get to the Gardens by car, bus or Taxi and Entrance fees are around 1,200 Colonies which is about $2.40. Hours are from 9:00am to 3:30pm and they are closed on Holidays. There are many walking trails and the Garden even has other families of plants. This is a great reason to see the Cartago region if you are staying in San Jose. It has some of the best weather and beautiful greenery in Costa Rica.