Manuel Antonio Hotels       Manuel Antonio has really been one of the most visited spots for tourist due to the beautiful beaches and National Park. Hotels and Resorts in this area tend to be upscale and make beautiful getaways. Hotels and resorts are based on the road toward the National Park. Some of the top scale resorts have rooms on an ocean bluff. Beach access can be by tram for the all the hotels or you can take a steep decent to the four secluded beaches in this area. These beaches are Manuel Antonio, Teldoro, Espadilla Sur and Playita. Both Espadilla Sur and Manuel Antonio actually have tidal pools for snorkeling. The coves have calm waters and there is a lifeguard program but still take precaution in new areas.

The National Park in this area has been rated as one of the top destination for National Parks. Manuel Antonio National Park is smaller than other ones but packs in a lot to see. You might catch a look at wild toucans, Three-toed Sloths, 180 species of birds and 4 types of monkeys. There are opportunities to catch running dolphins and even migrating whales. And if you are a fisherman this is a great spot to ship out for a half day or full day trip.