Monteverde is a small town set nearly a mile high in the cloud forest in the province of North Puntarenas. Over one hundred inches of rainfall a year and its secluded micro-climate have given Monteverde one of the planet’s most amazing eco-systems. Home to the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest this Ancient area holds beautiful, rare and sometimes strange life within its wealth of bio-diversity. Located in the Monteverde area is the Monteverede Cloud Forest Biological Reserve and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. It is no surprise that eco-tourism is popular in this area and there are a verity options for visitors.

Some of the best are canopy Zip Lines, Sky Trams, hiking trips, monkey viewings, coffee tours & plantations, butterfly farms, orchids, and horseback tours are here. Many more tours are offered as well and they are all a nature lovers dream. In a country that contains about half a million species of life, Monteverde seems like it has them all. For the best Costa Rica Vacations, fall in love with nature all over again at Monteverde.