Situated along Central America’s Pacific Coast lays the peaceful country of Costa Rica. While this small country is well know for it’s seemingly endless abundance of pristine beaches and picturesque setting, one destination stands in the forefront. Playa del Coco is by far one of the Planet’s most attractive and exciting beach towns. Arguably, some of the best sport fishing, surfing and nightlife in the world are found here. These factors combined with Costa Rica’s genuinely friendly culture make this destination a must for anyone looking for that perfect escape.
      Playa del Coco is located in the Province of Guanacaste, which borders the beautiful Pacific Ocean. In this part of the world, ocean waters are warm year round providing for some outstanding sport fishing. Tuna, Roosterfish and Sailfish are among the most sough after fish for the best action. Tuna can on occasion exceed a couple hundred pounds here and run year round. Roosterfish are by far the toughest and most fun to catch, pound for pound. Watching a Roosterfish being reeled in is quite a spectacle. One quickly learns why they are called Roosterfish. Sailfish are by far the most extreme action and exciting of all the sport fish to catch. They are famous for jumping out of the water when hooked, making for an awesome display of power. Fishing off Playa del Coco’s plentiful waters is exhilarating and simply unforgettable.

      This is a great beach town to visit if your a surfer. Not only does Playa del Coco host great surfing on all its surrounding beaches, but it is also the best place to book passage on a charter boat destined for Witches Rock. Witches Rock is perhaps the most famous surf spot in Costa Rica and for good reason. Boat charter day trips to Witches Rock can be easily found in town and are a great way to get to this off the beaten path location. A must visit if you are looking for exhilaration mixed with natural beauty, Playa del Coco and Witches Rock don’t disappoint.
      Playa del Coco is renowned for it’s lively downtown and main street. A multitude of restaurant from fine dinning to authentic local settings are here in plenty. Bars and Discos liven up the main street at sundown insuring nights filled with excitement. Spas and resorts are also a must try for any of those travelers who are looking for the royal treatment. Pampering is what these resorts do best and they have almost too many choices to pick from. (Massage tables with ocean views are my personal favorite.) When all is said and done, it is no wonder why so many travelers say Playa del Coco was the best part of their journey.

      Discovering Playa del Coco is like discovering a vein of gold in a mountain, once you found it why look any ware else. Friendly people you meet while taking in the town, reeling in the catch of a lifetime and finding that perfect wave will keep you begging for more once you have a taste of this one of a kind beach. The unique style, friendly culture and vast selection of world class activities make Playa del Coco a rich, robust and pleasureable experience of a lifetime.