Alajuela is the second largest City of Costa Rica. It lies 19km northwest of the capital San Jose far in Central Valley. The district of Alajuela covers a large area and has a population of 46,000. The Alajuela area is full of history and a popular spot to visit. The First Spanish settlers came in 1650, and established themselves in the open landscape of this region.

Alajuela region lies just a few minutes away from the airport in San Jose. It has easy access paved road and plenty of transportation to and from the Alajuela region. Alajuela’s main exports are coffee, sugar-cane, corn, beans, and many native fruits. It’s also a great place to explore for restaurants and historical sites. In the City’s center, there is an impressive church with a red dome that is few minutes from Parque center. It is worth a visit if you think of going for a getaway, also a great place to hang out with the locals.

Alajuela is also home to a wonderful outdoor market. This is a great opportunity to check out local produce and see all this region has to offer. The market takes up an entire block in the city and is a very nice place to shop as well. Another attraction there is museum called Juan Santamaria, named after a famous boy from the 1856 battle. The museum is full of historical artifacts, artwork and memorabilia from the battle.

If you plan on visiting the Alajuela region do so on Juan Santamaria day, a national holiday in Costa Rica. There are parades, food, drinks, dancing and lots of locals. This is a good way to try all the great food Costa Rica has to offer. There are many things to see in Alajuela region but its best known for its history, beautiful streets and fun parades and great food markets. Plus it’s only an hour’s drive from San Jose airport so if you’re having a short stay its worth going.