Guanacaste mapSome of the best beaches and hot summer days are what gives Guanacaste the title “best travel spots” in Costa Rica. It is a region for active people full of all kinds of things to do like fishing, snorkeling, sky diving, zip lines, nature walks and excellent surf. These are just some of the reasons why many people visit this region.

The hot summer days in Guanacaste provide for some of the best surfing and beaches around. Whether you’re a sun bather or ocean lover this is a best bet for a great time in Costa Rica. Guanacaste is the most visited area, and for good reason. It is one of the areas among Costa Rica that is least populated due to its size. However there is no shortage of people along the beaches, in fact it’s just the right amount of people. Not to over crowded and not to desolate, there are plenty of all inclusive hotels with world class pools laid out near the beach. Or small secluded hotels near the beach as well; whatever you are looking for is here. Guanacaste is the most easily accessible diving region countrywide. With paved roads going from town to town its fun to explore this area.

Guanacaste nature walks are something everyone should try. The immense population of wildlife and unique plant life in Guanacaste make this a popular activity. Guanacaste includes many volcanoes that stretch to join the Cordillera de Tilaran and Cordil- lera de Guanacaste mountain ranges. This area offers beautiful views of the countryside around the volcanoes; for example, the Rincon de la Vieja volcano area. It has four volcanoes, the Orosi, Rincon la Vieja, Santa Maria and Miravalles. You can reach this area best through Liberia Airport or by car from anywhere. Here in Guanacaste you will find some of the best weather in Costa Rica during the dry season.

Water sports are a major attraction in this region, surfing, fishing, snorkeling and even sun bathing. Surfing in Costa Rica first became famous from the movie “Endless Summer”. Spots like Tamarindo became a must visit place for surfers. Many surfers world wide visit Guanacaste in general, just to find the perfect spot or beach break. There are so many surf breaks around the northern part of the shore; you couldn’t try them all in a month long trip. The climate here is hot and dry and surf ranges from 2-10 feet in most cases. Guanacaste is also home of Witches Rock, a world famous perfect break. Usually accessible by a short boat ride from popular Guanacaste cities. It is also home to tropical jungles that line the beach. You can be lying in the sand or surfing the ocean, look back and see nothing but jungle. While huge birds that look like prehistoric pterodactyls fly above you. Guanacaste is really one of the most magical spots in Costa Rica.