Limon Costa RicaThe Region of Limon featuring the Caribbean Coast has a reggae vibe and beautiful beaches. This region is home to the popular city of Puerto Viejo, a hot spot for most who want to see the Caribbean Coast. Limon has a population of about 60,000 which is very spread out. The whole Caribbean Coast of the Costa Rica is the Limon province. It extends for 125 miles between the boundary of Nicaragua and Panama. Here you will find great beaches with coconuts laying on the sand ready to crack open and drink.

The beaches in this region are more secluded and private. The rainforest extends right to the beach and you might find your self traveling down dirt roads to reach towns you wouldn’t expect to be there. The Caribbean Coast is lush and green during the entire year. It’s very common to look up in the trees and see a beautiful wild macaw bird.

This Caribbean side really does have a strong reggae vibe. Many of the buildings are painted red, yellow and green. The open bars on the beach will most likely be playing Reggae music. Even the vendors in town sell reggae influenced items like bracelets and shirts. This is partly because the community traces is roots to Jamaican workers who worked on a railroad project in the area. The rest of the population you might find is Nicaraguan, Panamanian and Colombian settlers. They were known in the past to come for work as turtle hunters which are no longer a trade.

The Caribbean Coast is humid and hot in the entire year. It is wet and rains often but still a popular spot for tourists wearing tang tops and sandals. However, luxury hotels are not really the accommodations you will find. Most of the hotels come equipped with mosquito nets around the bed and less luxurious amenities. This is the region that receives the most rain fall in Costa Rica as well.

When there is good weather, it is a chance to really enjoy nature. This is a home to Tortuguero and Cahuita National parks. Two beautiful parks where you can either have a guide take you though or drive yourself and end up on a beach all to yourself.