San Jose MapSan Jose is Costa Rica’s Capital city and center of activity. Founded in 1738 as Cabildo de Leon, the city was later renamed San Jose in 1823. Located in the province of San Jose, the Capital city contains the largest population of any city in the nation. Well over one quarter of the country’s population is found in San Jose and it’s suburbs. San Jose is rich in culture, trade, and investment due mainly to this supporting population. Centrally located between two coasts, San Jose stands as Costa Rica’s leading economic power and center of government. Rich in history and owning a bright future, this Costa Rican city is a top location for living and investment.

Landmarks and Attractions

Found inside San Jose are various landmarks and attractions. The National Stadium, holding 35,000 seats, is one of the most prominent attractions. Large and exciting sports games are hosted by the National Stadium on a regular basis.

San Jose holds beautiful and old buildings such as the Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica, where audiences are entertained regularly. The Museo del Oro Precolombino is located in the heart of the city. The Museum contains interesting Pre-Columbian gold artifacts that are exquisite and rare. Lankerster Botanical Garden is a great attraction near the city. It offers beauties of nature in the metropolis.

San Jose holds upscale suburb neighborhoods with many luxurious developments such as Escazu. Both Escazu, and the heart of San Jose, hold world class amenities and facilities. Dinning and nightlife choices combined for a lifestyle of luxury, culture and entertainment.

Business and Economy

San Jose’s economy thrives due to its abundant tourism, well educated population and surrounding agriculture.

SJO, San Jose’s international airport, brings tourism and business from all over the world. This is the busiest airport in the country and San Jose is often a first, last, and main stop for tourists.

San Jose is home to UCR or the University of Costa Rica. This is the country’s top college and it’s known for producing some of Costa Rica’s best talent. San Jose’s thriving high tech industry is mainly supported by well-educated and affordable employees that are UCR alumni. For Science, business and technology UCR provides San Jose a steady influx of support.

San Jose is known mainly for Technology, Tourism, Telecommunications, and agriculture. The city is surrounded by rich and far stretching farm lands. Farms of all shapes and sizes stretch down Costa Rica’s central valley and surround San Jose. Coffee, Pineapple, banana, mango, teak wood, livestock, and other products are produced in close distance and trade flourishes