Costa Rica is well known for its world famous sport fishing and intense action. A variety of sport fish are able to be caught year round thanks to Costa Rica’s beautiful warm waters. Large Tuna, Roosterfish, Dorado and Sailfish are among the most popular and exciting catches. Charter fishing boats are available in all popular beach towns and plenty of great, English Speaking, Captains are at the traveler’s service. Excitement, amazing views, and more make it no wonder why so many travelers have chosen to include sport fishing as part of their Costa Rica Vacation.


Roosterfish: This is a fun catch and on the smaller side compared to is competition. However they can reach to about 100 pounds but more likely about 20 to 30 pounds. Its really a popular fish to catch and cool looking. They have a rooster comb on the top of the head that sticks out, which is probably how it got its name. Its tail kind of looks like a tuna or part of the jack family with its spines on the tail. Its not really good eating but a great catch and release!

Sailfish: This is a prize fish to catch and one of those you remember for life. The sailfish looks like a small version of a marlin. The sailfish can reach speeds of 70 miles per hour so you can imagine the fight. They are typically caught with squid or small bait fish. This is the the fish that jumps out of the water for the picture perfect moment while your hooked up.

Marlin: Basically the king of sport fishing and if your fishing for marlin they have certain boats that will focus on it. They can reach as big as 19 feet so you can expect your arms to be jelly after fighting this one. This is good catch and release as well and a great fish tale.

Tuna: Yellowfin tuna are common in Costa Rica and travel in schools. They are a quick strong fight and travel in schools. There are many types of yellow tail and yellow tail snapper are very common in Costa Rica.

Mahi Mahi: Also known as a dolphinfish mahi mahi are one of the coolest looking fish to catch. Its also good eating if your renting a villa and cooking for the family on your Costa Rica Vacation. 30 to 40 pounds if common for this fish but they can get bigger. They are a great catch and make awesome fish tacos.