Domestic Flights

Flying around in Costa Rica is a way to see many different destinations at a fast pace. There are a few local Costa Rican companies that offer flights to local regions around Costa Rica.  Nature Air is a leader in domestic flights and the prices are quite good. They have about 74 fights a day and go to 15 different locations.  Any package we build or offer can be made with domestic flights connecting your destinations.  Once you arrive to your destination, taxis or shuttles can be arranged to drive you to your hotel.

If time and efficiency is important to you flying between  destinations is the way to go. We also offer car rental service at Libera airport so if you fly into Costa Rica a connecting flight can be booked from San Jose to Libera. This will save you 4 hours of driving time, however both types of travel each has its unique reward. Ask us about adding domestic flights to your package!