Yoga in Costa Rica is one of the best ways to clear your mind and strengthen your body while on Vacations. Many of the hotels offer classes in the morning that overlook vast jungles and ocean bluffs. There are many options when looking to do yoga here. They have the traditional classes offered at the hotel, paddleboard yoga, Arial yoga and even classes to become a teacher in Yoga.

The benefits of yoga are enormous, not only do you strengthen your muscles but you increase your flexibility and calm your mind. It is a great stress reliever and this is especially so in Costa Rica with the breathtaking views. There are several exercise that are incorporated in Yoga. One technique is Amuloma Viloma. This is a very relaxing practice where you breath though one nostril. This calms the nerve system which in turn calms the mind and body.

If you are going to Costa Rica just for Yoga and relaxation there are some resorts that specialize in just that. One of the top ones is AmaTierra retreat and wellness center. They have all types of classes that run all day long however they not just known for that. Guest can join in massage therapy, nutritional consultations and even energy balancing.

There are several options for yoga in Costa Rica for people of all levels. Ask us and we can add something to your package or even build one around your yoga retreat.